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Ordering FAQ

Q: Can I place a phone order with Capt. Zak's Supply Depot?
A: Sorry, at this time we are not set up to take phone orders. That WILL change in the near future.

Q: How will my order be shipped?
A: All orders will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Each package will have delivery confirmation as well as insurance.

Q: Can you ship my order via UPS?
A: We are working on including UPS as a shipping option for our customers.

Q: I received my order but an item I purchased was damaged. Can I return it?
A: Of course you can return it. All orders are inspected before they are shipped. However, things can happen during shipping. So if you receive any damaged goods, email us and let us know. We will give you a certified return # that you must provide when you send us back ANY merchandise. All returns MUST be insured for their full value.

Q: I don't want to email you for a certified return #. Can I just ship the items back?
A: NO! If we receive any items with out a certified return number we cannot issue a refund or credit.

Q: Who pays the shipping when I send an item back to you?
A: You do. In order to keep costs down, you are responsible for all shipping charges. If you request an exchange you are also responsible for the shipping of the exchanged item to you. All returns MUST be insured for their full value.

Q: Why aren't you responsible for items shipped internationally or to P.O. boxes?
A: The reason? The USPS can not guarantee parcels shipped out of the U.S., so...we cannot guarantee that they will arrive 100% intact. There is also the issue of other countries customs. Items can be siezed, confiscated or even stolen. Due to the fact that UPS will not deliver to P.O. boxes, and we will offer UPS as a shipping option eventually, it is easiest to deter people from shipping orders to P.O. boxes. Sorry.

Q: I bought the wrong size, can I exchange it? Can I return it for a refund?
A: All items can be exchanged. You have (5) days from the day you receive your order to inspect it and return it for a refund (minus shipping costs) or exchange. You are responsible for the return shipping as well as the shipping of the exchanged item. Again, all returns & exchanges must have a certified return # and must be insured for their full value. Refunds will be issued minus shipping & other fees (Paypal, 15% re-stocking fee, etc.).

Q: HEY! You sent me the wrong item(s)! Do I have to pay to send them back?
A: Concidering your order is inspected for quality and destination it is unlikely you will receive the wrong items. BUT if you do...we will refund you the shipping charges you incur and cover the shipping charges of the correct merchandise. We will also throw in a little something to say we are sorry for being stupid. =-)

Q: Can package deals be discounted further?
A:No. Package deals are already priced as low as we can go. Additional discounts do not apply. Sorry.

Q: What does "Prices subject to change without notice" mean?
A: It means that as our merchandise is replenished, sometimes we incur price increases on items. Sadly, those increases get passed on to our customers. So if an item increases in price, thank the manufacturer.

Uniform & Field Gear FAQ

Q: What are the washing instructions for your U.S. HBT uniforms?
A: If you must wash your uniform, we recommend a cold water wash with none, or as little detergent as possible and line dry them. This applies to our HBT shirts/jackets, trousers, tanker overalls, M43 uniforms, & U.S. Airborne uniforms.

Q: Can I machine wash your German WWII German tunics & trousers?
A: For heaven's sake NO!!! Just hang them on the line to air out. You can brush off any heavy soiling but do not wash them, not even in cold water. Do not dry clean them either. You'll look more "seasoned" with a uniform that doesn't look like it was just issued.

Q: Can I machine was your U.S. M1941 field jackets?
A:Again, no! Leave them dirty, they look better. Brush off any heavy soiling or mud and hang it out on a line to air out.

Q: Can I machine wash your 100% brushed cotton (flannel) U.S. enlisted field shirt?
A: Yes you can! Again, cold water wash with little or no detergent and line dry. Do not put any of our uniform pieces in the dryer for any reason.

Q: How do your U.S. HBT uniforms run?
A: Our HBT trousers run pretty "true" to size. So order your actual size. Our tanker coveralls & HBT jackets run about a size larger than stated to allow them to be worn over M41's, & wool uniforms. If you are not going to wear wools under your tanker coveralls then order one size smaller. And if you are not going to wear an M41 under your HBT jacket go one size smaller as well.

Q: I didn't fallow instructions and washed the uniform I bought from you. It really didn't fit right when I bought it, can I send it back for an exchange or refund?
A: NOPE! If you are not 100% satisfied with any item return it before you wash it or alter it in any way. Once you wash it or alter it it's your's forever. Remember, when sending back an item you need to email us for a certified return #.

Thank you for your understanding,

Jeff Fronczak
Owner & Operator
Capt. Zak's Supply Depot

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Disclaimer: Capt. Zak's Supply Depot does not condone or support ANY extremist views, beliefs,
or practices of such organizations as Nazi Germany, The USSR, Fascist Italy, or Imperial Japan. Our goal is to provide historical uniforms, insignia, & equipment for theatrical, educational, & re-enactment purposes.

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