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Do you remember when guitars were loud, lyrics were poetic & had real meaning. A time when bass players were on the hunt for groupies and drummers would unleash a wave of fury on not only their drums, but on the very hotel rooms they stayed in. These times may have come and gone, but the music from these eras live on with Hit Parade!

With personalities as diverse as the music this band plays, Hit Parade can Rock & Roll you from the 1960s through the 1980s, and all the way to today's rock. With an emphasis on "have a good time all the time," Hit Parade's main goal is to rock you out of your socks, get you dancing, and have you exhausted yet fulfilled at the end of the night. You make the effort to come see the band, you pay your admission, so it's the band's job to be sure you are entertained!

If you've been to see other "live bands" recently, you'll notice a lot are using backing tracks. Hit Parade will NEVER short change you like that! With over 80 years of collective musical experience, this band is a musical power house who's members have played all over the USA and Europe. They have opened for national acts and have even graced the stage with a few. They know their craft and always deliver.

To understand Hit Parade you need to know the members. They are as eclectic as the Hit Parade song list. Jimi T hails from the hard working south suburbs of Chicago and has had a drumstick in his hand since he was 3 years old. His no nonsense drumming is the backbone of the band. Johnny California was born in Hollywood, moved to New York City and was exposed to the disco era and all it's excesses at the early age of 7. The only thing more legendary than his bass playing is his list of groupies. Earl Diggins hails from somewhere south of the Mason/Dixon Line and treats his guitar better than his wife. His riffs are smooth and silky and he always has a fresh supply of beef jerky handy! Hammer has been playing piano since he could walk. He may be quiet and soft spoken, but he speaks volumes with the 88 keys on his piano as well as making one hell of a pair of cement loafers!.

Essentially, DON'T MISS THIS BAND! The music, personalities, and stories are legendary. The entertainment value of this group is priceless. You can't go back in time to the glory days of Rock & Roll, but Hit Parade can get you closer than any band out there. They capture the sights, the sounds...the smells of a hard working rock band on the road. Join the parade, you'll be glad you did, before they pass you by.

~Gus O'Neal~

Hit Parade friend, fan, & roadie

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