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Since Hit Parade's inception it has been taking the Chicago music scene by storm. Their high energy show provides the audience with visual, as well as aural enjoyment, for a night that no music lover will ever forget.

A true Parade of Hits!
Hit Parade's song list lives up to the band's name. Hits from the 60's through today's current pop hits is what you will hear at the band's performances. All four members sing, so the many different voices allow an endless possibility of material to cover. From the Beatles to The Black Eyed Peas, Journey to U2, each set in the band's show is loaded with danceable, memorable classics to provide the listener with a night of fun and entertainment.

Always live! Never pre-recorded!
The most important distinction about Hit Parade is the fact that what you hear at a show is ALL live. No prerecorded tracks are EVER used! They are a live band that plays everything, well...LIVE! They don't cheat the audience by lip synching, or having layer upon layer of backing tracks. All four members are multi-instrumentalists with over 20 years each of musical experience on stage, in the studio, writing, and teaching.

What are you waiting for?
So if you need a night out and enjoy live music, Hit Parade will not disappoint. And if you are in need of a band for a festival, club, corporate event, or private party, drop them a line, your friends and guests will thank you for a night of energetic, flamboyant, and ALWAYS live entertainment. The Hit Parade is comin' so don't miss it!

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